Is it easy to become a Formula Vee driver?


Should I become a Formula Vee Driver?


How do I get involved?

Send a message on the contact us page or on our facebook page.

Is it expensive?

No. Cars can be bought from $7-10k including trailers and racing starts around $4-5k per year total budget in 1200s

Is it real racing?

To quote the commentators at Barbagallo Raceway on 26th October 2014 “don’t go away because after this next race we have the Smarter than Smoking Formula Vees who have so far provided the racing of the weekend.”
Our cars are basically equal (Basically that is) and can corner at 120kph. This is some of the hardest fought racing you will find anywhere in the country. You position will reflect the effort you put in.

Do I need experience?

No. As long as you can drive a manual car you will get all the help and instruction you need from other members.

Do you have pay to drive days?

Unfortunately these cars are all privately owned and there is no provision for hiring them out as a “drive day”. If you are serious about buying a car you may be able to negotiate a test with the seller with a reasonable deposit.

What things do I need to do to become a racer and in what order?

In any order –

Buy a car.

Buy your race gear (Suit .. etc)

Join the WA Sporting Car Club (Usually Silver Memebership).

Join the Formula Vee Association of WA.

Sit the medical and apply for a CAMS License (Provisional Clubman Circuit) This step takes the longest so if you are in a hurry start here.


Race (Only once you have completed the other steps)

How old do you need to be?

In WA you can race from 14years of age. We have racers from 14 through to those in their 60s. Skill, patience, enthusiasm and experience will all play a part.

Can girls drive?

Can they ever. FVAWA are proud to say we currently have 3 lady drivers who have kicked some serious butt this year and will continue to do so in coming years.